Another Day, Another Blog

Friday, December 12, 2008 ·

A new blog is always a challenge but keeping two camera blogs fed and watered will be fun! About 18 months ago I started a blog dedicated to the Pentax K10D, a superb camera with a great range of high quality and compact lenses.

Now, I've added a D700 to the stable for its full frame, low-light capabilities, easier differential focusing and better processing of jpegs (to hopefully speed-up my microstock library workflow). I was going to sell the Pentax but I think I might be able to keep it along with a couple of DA primes which means that I'll have two blogs to maintain.

I've just had the D700 a short time and have yet to do some really serious shooting with it but from the time-restricted use it's had, I've been impressed. There's nothing to touch it for high-ISO shooting (other than the D3) and it's responsiveness is great.

At normal EV levels, I can't say I've noticed a great deal of difference between the D700 with the 28-105 Nikkor zoom and K10D with its DA Limited prime lenses. I'd expect to see extra sharpness from the Nikon when I get a chance to compare the Pentax with my 35mm f2 and 85mm f1.8 Nikkors, though.

There's no denying the D700's low light capabilities, however. The camera really comes into its own on city streets at night and when shooting in low light indoors. Right now, I can't think of anything that would be better for black and white documentary work - something I'm hoping to spend some time on in future.

This blog will hopefully chart my progress with the D700 in the same way the Pentax blog has done. I've found that having to produce material for posts is a great way of forcing me to keep on taking photographs.

A blog is also a great visual account of my picture-taking. A while back, I thought about giving up the Pentax blog when I was pushed for time but when I looked through it the photographs brought back good memories. I'd like this one to do the same.

These first pics are from my first outing with the D700. I had the saturation levels up a bit too high for my taste but the photographs are nice and colourful as a result. I live in Carnoustie on Scotland's east coast and these photographs were taken at Arbroath, a fishing town six miles away. It's a regular haunt of mine but you'll find my interests and images are quite eclectic in nature.

The blog is just starting but I intend to add some reviews of the D700 and various lenses and any other bits of kit that I think might be of interest. The various sections to the right aren't functional yet but please drop by regularly to see them develop and read the latest posts!