Monday, January 05, 2009


I've been a bit conscious of the fact that many of the photographs I've posted have been night scenes taken with the D700 on high ISO settings, so here's something a little different. For a start, there's actually some daylight around which makes a pleasant change.

This is a view of the River Tay on Scotland's east coast. I got away from work early on New Year's Eve and drove a few miles along the coast to a wee place called Invergowrie where I knew there was this nice S-bend in one of the small rivers feeding the Tay.

From previous experience, I also knew that the sun would be in just about the right place and the quality of light would be lovely and ethereal - perfect for a bit of high key work. There was nothing difficult in taking this shot. It was done with the intention of cropping the frame top and bottom so it was just a question of getting the interesting part in the centre and clicking the shutter.


Patrick Dodds said...

I love the shot of your mother - and yes, I can see the 3D effect, though I have no idea what would cause it. Anyway, it's a lovely gentle picture - thanks for sharing it and writing about it in such a natural, unaffected way.

Lye Tuck-Po said...

The 3d effect was really the first thing I noticed about using the 35 f/2 with the D700 (after using it on the D70). I don't have a head for camera physics, don't know when the 3d effect seems particularly accentuated, but it exists, all right.