Thursday, January 22, 2009 ·

As befits a fishing town, boat-building was once a sizeable industry in Arbroath on Scotland's east coast. Now, there's not too much activity left with only one or two concerns still producing vessels and on a small scale.

This photograph was taken as the light was beginning to go and I was prowling around the harbour with the D700 and my 28-105 and 70-210 Nikkor lenses. I used the tele zoom at its long end for this shot to deliberately compress perspective and give the impression that all the various elements had been squeezed together.

It's almost as if the various "planes" - the bridge, the boatyard, the homes and the trees in the background have been cut out of different photographs and pasted onto the page. The boat looks as if it is being built or repaired in someone's back garden. If you look closely you'll see that a couple of workers are still busy on the boat and one of their colleagues is in the background to the right and slightly further down the photograph.

If I print this photograph I think I'll do so on A3 paper as it's an image that invites the viewer to spend a bit of time scanning it carefully.



Allan Rostron said...
Monday, 02 February, 2009  

I like this very much. It's full of interesting detail arranged in a very pleasing pattern of different natural and man-made textures. I like the way the shallow V-shape of the bridge (with its wonderful ironwork) is reflected in the skyline formed by the row of trees, and the straight lines of the houses and bridge contrast with the curves of the boats, the trees and the man's back. The way the two halves of the bridge lock together is also satisfying - possibly something to do with physics and stability. The scaffolding and breezeblock wall bring us down to earth, just in case we're tempted to be carried away with the prettiness of it all. Most importantly, maybe, it gives me a strong sense of this place; I haven't been there, but this photo evokes strong memories of many places like it.