Carnoustie Apartments

Monday, January 26, 2009 ·

These new flats have been built just across the road from the famous Championship golf course at Carnoustie in Scotland. I was out walking the dog with the D700 in my free hand when I cranked up the ISO to 6,400 to grab a shot.

Having by now become used to the D700's outstanding performance at ISO levels up to 6,400, I'm now going to crank it up even further to see what sort of results I can get, handheld, at night.

Rather than just pixel peeping, though, I want to do some shooting at 12,800 and maybe even 25,600, and print out the results. Most of the time noise that's visible on screen isn't in a print. I'd like to find out where the crossover point is, i.e. what ISO is acceptable in a printed photograph that isn't in a screen image.

This has something to do with a photographic gallery I'm working on to "showcase" my images. It will have a "flaneur" flavour in that many of the shots were taken during my meanderings through cities at home and abroad. I'd like to specialise in night scenes of cities and want to know how far I can push the envelope.