D700's Vivid Setting

Thursday, January 15, 2009 ·

If you read Ken Rockwell's site, you'll probably realise that he shoots only jpegs and likes to get everything right in-camera so there's no post-processing required. He also shoots everything with the camera's vivid setting cranked way up. I'v been trying a similar approach but I don't know yet whether I like it.

On the one hand, the colours fairly leap out at you from the monitor but, on the other, they sometimes look as if they've come from another planet. It depends on the scene, I suppose, and the lighting conditions. In Ken's California, colours seem to be larger than life anyway. Here in Scotland, the most popular colour is grey and it seems that the odd hue that is capable of being affected by the vivid setting tends to stick out a bit.

I'll keep shooting and learning and will make up my mind later whether to go with vivid. Of course, this will only bother you if you shoot jpeg and not raw. I use the raw+jpg setting but I'm trying to cut back on the need for post-processing and I'm happy to use the jpeg for microstock work if I can get away with it.