Saturday, January 03, 2009 ·

Never having enough time for photography, I tend to photograph whatever happens to be at hand when I'm out with a camera. Given some time, however, my favourite type of photography is black and white street. Definitely not the kind of street photography, however, where you hang around on street corners and openly blast away at people as they walk towards you, capturing faces that show surprise and annoyance but little else.

I prefer looking for a good background or foreground and then try to find people to enhance it. When my lucks in, someone just that bit different - an in-line skater, a person with prominent tattoos, to name but two I've had recently - sometimes moves into the frame. In the shot above, I was taken by the strong perspective effect of the handrails and the zig-zag shadow one of them was casting right up the centre of the stairs.

On this occasion, I was travelling light with just the D700 and the 28-105 Nikkor. I'm still not sure about this combination as I don't feel that the lens is particularly sharp but I haven't really used it enough under different circumstances to know for sure. I'll need to get round to some testing soon. It could be that I'll end up with a 24-85 zoom instead.

Anyway, I'd been hanging around for about five minutes waiting to see who might turn up when this couple appeared with the pram. That's something you tend not too see so much nowadays when most kids seem to travel in buggies. Prams are much better - not just for the baby but also for any impatient photographers needing a nice, white highlight at the top of the stairs...