Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Westhaven Beach Scene

This is a quiet little scene I took when out for a walk the other day. Westhaven was once a small fishing village that has now been subsumed by nearby Carnoustie - itself hardly a giant! It has a different feel from the town, however, and I hope I've captured that in the photograph.

I'm not exactly sure how much fishing still goes on - what there is must be pretty small scale judging by the amount of activity, or lack of it, I see whenever I'm down that way. There's a lot of fishing-related paraphernalia lying around, though, so shots like this are always possible.

I took this shortly before dusk and liked the gentle light in the sky and the soft glow it gave to the foreground. The only drawback is that the beach at Westhaven is popular with dog walkers so you have to inspect your shoes very carefully before getting back into the car...

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