A New Perspective

Thursday, August 20, 2009 ·

I was lying on my back the other day having some fun with our bichon frise, Molly, when I looked up at the ceiling and thought, "I wonder how that would look through a 20mm lens". Getting hold of the D700 and the 19-35mm Tokina lens I have was easy. Explaining to my son's pals, who had just come in, exactly what I was doing lying across the threshold of my bedroom door pointing the camera at the ceiling was a bit trickier.

I chose the doorway - that's the third shot down - because the I liked the lines from the door, door frame and ceiling cornice. Of course, once I'd taken a few pics of that, I started looking for other worm's eye views I could find around the house. My daughter's bedroom door was next, then the top of the stairs and then the "landing" halfway down. (I'm still in the middle of decorating the hallway which accounts for the state of the walls).

The first shot I took was my favourite but the others are sort of interesting if for no other reason than that they offer a different perspective and are a bit of a laugh. I can't see me doing this sort of thing too often but I can't help thinking what other familiar places might look like given this treatment.