Tuesday, September 08, 2009 ·

I've written before about the East Neuk of Fife on Scotland's East Coast. It's quite a small stretch of coastline but it has some lovely wee villages that offer a lot of photographic opportunities. Elie is one of the southernmost villages and, on the day I visited it, the weather was uncharacteristically nice - for Scotland, that is.

I took the pics above with the D700. Pics 1, 2, 5 and 7 were taken with the 28-105 Nikkor whilst the 3rd was shot using the 70-210 and the 4th with my Tokina 19-35. ISO was set at 400 and I had the camera mostly on program. I tend to leave it there unless I need a specific depth of field effect, whether lots or very little, at which point I switch to aperture priority.

There really isn't an awful lot I can say about the photographs: they're all pretty straightforward. The top one is a pic of the Ship Inn and the second is my answer to Ansel Adams' New Mexican adobe buildings. Like Ansel, I processed the picture to show the full glare of the sun (pause for laughter). It does share that nice quality of Ansel's pics, though, where there are some lovely light tones and sunlight bouncing off different surfaces onto adjacent surfaces, all set off against a deep blue sky.

The third pic is of a tower on a little headland jutting out into the Firth of Forth whilst the others are some scenes that caught my eye when I was wandering around. If you want to see some more pics of the East Neuk, you can do so here where I posted a lot of photographs taken with my Pentax K10D.