Blatant popularism

Friday, December 18, 2009 ·

Everyone loves a sunset - which is why I hardly ever shoot them. Throwing that principle out of the window, here are a couple I took earlier this week. We'd been out doing a spot of Christmas shopping but I'd thrown the D700 outfit into the boot just in case we passed anything worth snapping.

On the way home the sky began to colour up nicely and I made a detour through Broughty Ferry, once a wee fishing village that's been subsumed within Dundee's urban sprawl. When I was lining up the pic at the top in the viewfinder, with my Tokina 19-35 on the D700, it reminded me of some of the hand-coloured stuff that British photographer Tony Worobiec is well-known for. It brought to mind a couple of shots in his excellent Beyond Monochrome book. (As an aside, about ten years ago when I thought my photography was coming on leaps and bounds, I went along to see Tony give a talk at my local photography club and left realising just how much further I had to go!). There's hardly any colour other than what's in the sky giving the appearance that it may have been air brushed in at some stage.

The second pic was taken a few miles closer to home. It shows a flooded field reflecting the sky. I had to climb down an embankment and cross a muddy patch before reaching the spot where I took the pic. As it was a bit slippy underfoot, I decided just to take the D700 and one lens, thinking the 85mm f1.8 would be best for the job. As it turned out, I would have been much better with a wide angle so that I could have given some extra emphasis to the foreground. But it was freezing cold that day, I was fed up shopping and I couldn't summon up the energy to go back to the car. That's my excuse anyway.