Cold Snap

Thursday, December 17, 2009 ·

I'm on a one-man mission to burn as much fossil fuel as possible to see if I can't, singlehandedly, give global warming a big boost. Climate alarmists are forecasting two to three degrees of warming over the next century but that's never going to be enough to make Scotland's climate enjoyable.

I'd say about five degrees would do the trick nicely. To achieve that, I'd probably have to increase CO2 parts per million to around 1,000 which would require something like 45 trillion bonfires. Or a couple of times around the block in a Hummer.

We could certainly have done with some local warming here this week. Last weekend was cold and frosty and this weekend promises more of the same. Plants in the garden were liberally coated with frost but light levels were so low that it was difficult to stop shivering long enough to get a sharp pic.

Out in the Angus countryside, frost had also settled on fields but, as usual, I didn't have a lot of time to spend taking photographs. The picture below was one of those bits of serendipity that never cease to amaze me. I was standing in the field snapping away in just a light jumper and short-sleeved shirt (who says there's never bad weather, just inappropriate clothing?) and thinking how good it would be to have a figure in the landscape.

Keep in mind that this was a lonely field, the weather was cold and it was a Sunday. The chances of someone coming into view were on the pessimistic side of remote. Well, guess what happened? This old lady came wandering along with her dog. I don't know where she'd been but I could hardly believe it. She looked a bit wary when she saw me with a camera so I told her my intentions were honorable and showed her the pics I'd taken as she walked towards me. Her biggest concern was that she had come out without any lipstick on!
All photographs, by the way, were taken with the 35mm f2 AF-D on the D700.