Saturday, November 12, 2011

From D700 to Rolleiflex or Disillusioned with Digital

Rolleiflex SL66E, 40mm Distagon, T-Max 100


I suppose in some ways, after starting a blog about the Nikon D700 almost three years ago, it's odd to find myself writing this post. When I bought my D700 I was shooting almost exclusively in digital. Now, I've gone back to film. I haven't shot anything else for a couple of months and I can't see myself returning to digital.

When I started this blog I was also writing one about the photographs I was taking with my Pentax K10D. I then decided to pool everything into my Photography Matters blog and stopped adding to the Nikon blog in January last year.

I've posted lots of D700 pics on Photography Matters but have become increasingly disillusioned with digital over the last year or two. Now I''ve started shooting with my Rollei SL66E outfit, a 50th birthday present earlier this year, and I'm loving it. My darkroom is now up and running and, after a problem with my enlarger, I should be able to get back to printing next week.

The film blog is called The Online Darkroom and you can find it here. You can read about my reasons for switching back to film on this post Internal v External Visualisation. Hopefully, if all you've ever known is digital, you'll be inspired to have a crack at film. That's what I'm hoping the blog will do - find a few converts.

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